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Dastardly Up and Running!!!

EmperorPunjab, Dec 16, 11 6:44 PM.
The Guild is up and running in game!  Talk to Lialya or Punjab for an invite!


EmperorPunjab, Dec 16, 11 2:18 PM.
Dastardly is now recruiting all advanced classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic...

Visit our Applications forum to get in on the killing!
Darth Jam Records Alliance

Welcome, my young apprentice: This site is devoted to the guild "Dastardly" on the Empire side of the Terentatek PvP server.  If you have a weak stomach, thin skin, and/or are offended by things that would make even the most stalwart of sensible minds weep softly like a school girl, this group is NOT for you...!

Mission Statement: We are primarily a group devoted first and foremost to PvP, but we do not lack those interested in endgame PvE progression in the least.  Many of our core players are devoted to learning their classes inside and out in order to (often unwittingly) achieve server firsts in both PvP and PvE.  We come from a long line of MMO's that now lay ruined in our wake, and it looks like SW:TOR will be the next to hold our attention for an extended period of time...

So are you ready?: If you're a player who enjoys pushing the limits of gameplay in any MMORPG you purchase, have a terribly filthy sense of humor, and overall just want to see Republic players dead at your feet, then we might be the right home for you.  Soon we will have a full listing of guilds that are in the alliance, as well as links to their sites.  So grab your favorite blaster or lightsaber and give in to the dark side of the Force!

Note: Handlebar moustache sold seperately...

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